Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Breathing exercise of April: Nadi Sodana Pranayama

Nadi sodana paranayama is an altarnate nostril breathing technique. You sit in a comfortable positions with your spine straight. Let your left hand rest and use your right hand thumb and ring finger to open and close your left and right nostril. Do you remember it? If you have any questions we can discuss them and class and we will go through it more times. Now that we have practiced and experienced this pranayama in class we will give you some more information about it.

"Nadi is tubular organ of the body like an artery or a vein for the passage of pranayama or energy. A nadi has three layers like an insulated electric wire. The inner most layer is called sira, the middle layer damani, and the entire organ as well as the outer layer is called nadi.
Sodana pranayama is the purification of the nerves. A little obstruction in the nerves can cause great discomfort and paralyze a limp or organ.

Effect: The blood receives a larger supply of oxygen in nadi sodana than in normal breathing, so that one feels refreshed and the nerves are calmed and purified.
The mind becomes still and lucid.

Note: In the beginning perspires and shakes, while the thigh and arm muscles become tense. Such tension should be avoided."

This was taken from "The Light on Yoga" by B.K.S. Iyengar.

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