Thursday, 9 July 2015

Finding your way between movement and stillness

A few weeks from now we have the joy of hosting a weekend workshop.

7-9 of August we meet at the studio Yogansa by Rådhuset to explore and practice together. See all information below and register by e-mail to

Hope to see you there :)

Between Movement and Stillness

Welcome to a weekend long workshop with Ida and Giulia!

We will together go through the foundations of hatha yoga and explore ways of going deeper into te dynamic of body and mind. Our aim is to let you experience the individuality of practice and the connectedness of sharing it. Making you able to move safely through postures.

There's going to be time for asana (physical practice), pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation. Every day there will also be the possibility to book a 30 minutes massage with Ida, let us know in advance if you're interested and we'll organize the time together.

Friday 7th of August 17:30-19:15
* What brings us here + presenting the workshop
* Preparing the body for sun salutations
* Sun salutations in a flow
* Guided meditation
Saturday 8th of August 10-12:30
* Pranayama
* Short preparation and sun salutations
* Focus on twists, backbends and forward bends
* Guided meditation + silent meditation
Sunday 9th of August 10-12:30
* Pranayama
* Sunsalutations
* Focus on core, balance and inversions
* Guided meditation + silent meditation
Price for all three sessions: 700 SEK
Add 200 SEK for 30 minutes massage

About Ida & Giulia
We are both body enthusiastic teachers that care for details. We love to work with and learn from different bodies possiblities. We have been teaching together in a donation based project called Ortens Yoga with the purpose of sharing yoga in an accessible way for more people. And separately we teach in different places but with the same purpose in mind. We incorporate our different backgrounds such as hatha yoga, physioterapy, mindfulness, philosophy activism into the practice.

Everboby is welcome exactly the way you are and the point you are at,
Giulia & Ida


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