Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Donation for the upcoming Community Sunday

Hi community,
I wanted to share with you all, that we will donate the money you will give next sunday to :

No one is illegal - for a world without borders


"The earth belongs to all of us. We each have the right to free movement
accross its lands and to settle wherever we please. According to the principle "From each according to his ability, to each according to her need", we are entitled to equal access to the worlds land and resources once we do so with with care and respect in mind.
The No one is illegal network does not accept the legitimacy of national borders and merely acknowledges them as political constructions to which neither moral justification or an interest in their upholding exists. A person born in one place has no more claim on it than anyone else. It is not sufficient however that these ideas remain as visions. An attempt must be made at their realisation.
We do not recognise any countries, organizations or individuals entitlement to in any way restrict free movement of people across borders or to label them "illegal" migration. The right to freedom of movement is to us inseparable from the right to participate in society under equal conditions. ..."

to read more about their work please visit

The theme of the sharing time will be about Relationship, and I will read few words and inspired the talking from the book "Most Intimate" by Pat Enkyo O´Hara.

Thank you for spreading the word and for making this reality happen.


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