Saturday, 8 April 2017

NO CLASSES the next two Sundays 9th and 16th + info donation for the next Community Sunday 23rd of April

Hi dear friends,
I hope you all are safe after what happened yesterday in Stockholm.
I can´t stop thinking that we have to gather more, we have to wake up the collective consciousness, we have to be there for each other, we have to listen deeply and be listened deeply and we have to talk more about stuffs, to make changes happens. more then ever I feel is of great importance that we meet for practicing and for sharing. the ripple effect with eventually reach more people around us, until we can heal from inside toward outside, all the way.
This is the time to gather and stay with what need to be seen and stop destroying ourselves and others. Is not helpful to avoiding, avoiding, until the drama occurs. We know that.
We have to be together.

To use my teacher´s words: 
"All of this stuffs-meditation, therapy, pharmaceuticals- is bullshit without friendship. 
You can´t heal all by yourself. 
In no culture nobody all by him or herself ; you can´t do it alone. " Michael Stone

the theme of the sharing will be : Healing.
and we will donate to Kultursjukhuset and their beautiful work in hospitals with children, here more info:

the next two Sundays 9th and 16th of April there will be no class,
due to my Doula training and påsklovet.
so thank you very much for keep it up with practicing on your own in the mean while.

spread the word among your family and friends so we can be even more practicing together.

in gratitude,

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