Wednesday, 27 September 2017

information regarding the community sundays

Hi everyone,
we feel very grateful for another year together and for the possibility of opening important discussion with you all on the Community Sundays.

Just a reminder and a short description of the choice of the theme and the donations.

So the Community Sundays will take place every last sunday of the month, please check the older post to see the dates.

Every Community Sunday will have 30 minutes yoga/movement practice, 30 minutes meditation/mindfulness-zen oriented, 30 minutes discussion on a theme based.

The themes for this year are taken from the book : Yoga for a world out of balance, teachings on ethics and social actions. Written by Michael Stone. more info here :

Because this great teacher and friend of ours has recently passed, we will also make the donations for the upcoming year of Community Sundays, to his young family, to support their life and honour his work.
You can check out Michael´s work as a teacher and activist here:, you will find it written and some videos but we warmly recommend his great podcasts. Everything for free in the community library.
He has been very generous and inspirational for us personally and professionally.
We hope you will enjoy it too.

Thank you for showing up to investigate together possibilities for a better world.


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