Thursday, 9 January 2020

New Year, New classes!

Hi dear Ortensyoga friends!
We hope you had a smooth transition into this brand new year.  
As the very beginning of the inhalation we can start anew, setting the intention of being present all the way until the very end of the exhalation, again and again. 

Whatever your proposal for the new year are, we are happy to continue to offer you yoga classes twice a month (for now, changes may occur, in that case we will let you know) . 

The intention behind is always the same, the joy and uniqueness of practice and the power of community. 

Thank you for 6 beautiful years of support, trust and friendship.

Dates for 2020:

January - 19th 
February - 9th and 23rd
March - 8th and 22nd
April- 5th and 19th
May- 10th and 24th

That is our yoga practice looks like these days.. ;-)

Honestly and warmly,
Giulia and Ida

Monday, 16 December 2019

Last class of the year!

Hi Friends of Ortensyoga,
We will have the last class of the year on Sunday 22nd of December!
After that will come the schedule for 2020.
The first class will be on Sunday 19th of January same time, same place.

Next Sunday for the last class we will have a little longer time after the Asana/movent practice, so we can sit in meditation for 15/20 minutes. Class ends then 19.30.
It will be a special time to gather around this holiday season, sometimes full of joy , sometimes full of anxiety. To both celebrate and get challenged. I am sure you know what I am talking about..
We will also sit to counter act this time of over consuming.

More presence, less presents.



Monday, 12 August 2019

Coming together for a new season of practice.

Hi everyone,
hopefully you are enjoying the summer and the green color of nature.

We have more dates for the autumn ,
Giulia will be guiding twice a month, while Ida is in maternity leave (yes, a new baby in town!) .
After new year, we hope to be able to offer you three times a month , where Ida come to teach one.

September 15th and 29th
October 13th and 27th
November 10th and 24th
December 8th and 22nd

from 18.00 to 19.15, sal B, Kulturhuset Skarpnäck as usual. 

classes are always donation based,
our aim is to offer a service for the local community through yoga and meditation,
we do that with the help of the Kulturhuset sponsoring the room for us, but we don´t get any money for that.
Think that you can exchange the class for money, vegetables or fruits from your garden, or anything else. if you are unable of giving anything of that, we are happy to receive a smile or just your kind presence.

See you when the leaves are turning red..


Thursday, 17 January 2019

New Dates!!!!

Hi everyone,
hopefully the snow is catching you prepared and you can enjoy it, not just freezing under it ;-) .
We are looking forward to practice together again.
Since both of us are (and will be even more) very busy with our growing families, and in maternity leave, we will just have two classes per month this year.
One will be taught by Ida and one by Giulia.

New dates for this year are:

Feb 3rd and 17th
March 10th and 31st
April 7th and 28th
May 5th and 26th (last class)

from 18.00 to 19.15 always in sal B , skarpnäck kulturhuset .

We are looking forward to see you soon.


Sunday, 26 August 2018


Dear all,

unfortunately we were just contacted by Kulturhuset and they informed us that due to a break in no one is allowed in the building. We are very sorry to let you know with this short notice that TONIGHTS CLASS IS CANCELLED. 
We hope this is not to inconvenient and that you will be able to make to next months class on the 30th of September. 

With warmth,
Ortens Yoga

Monday, 14 May 2018

Last Class and Community Sunday 20th of May

Wake up the little monk or nun  within you!

Hi dear Community, 
we are about to end the season of practice together, for a long summer break. Therefore we want to celebrate with you this wonderful summer that is opening all the senses. 
We will meet for the last class and the Community Sunday on May 20th. We will gather indoor at 18 as usual for the movement/yoga and later we will practice walking meditation in the forest continuing with a sitting on the rocks in a nice spot between the trees, ending with sharing time. 
As we said during previous practice time, walking meditation might feel like waking up the little monk/nun within you, let yourself experience the walking into nature.
If is not pouring rain we will be outdoor most of the session so be aware of what you need to bring.
Barefoot or comfortable shoes is your choice ;-) , 
something to sit on would be nice as well as a tea or some snack to share with others at the end.

We will send more info about the next start of classes at the end of august and how the schedule will look like in the autumn. 
But for now let´s just enjoy that sun and warmth together!

Bowing to you all,

Giulia and Ida

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Upcoming Community Sunday + Spring Retreat schedule

Hi everyone,
on the 25th of March we will have our Community Sunday,
where we will practice until 19.30. 30 minutes yoga/movements, 30 minutes meditation, 30 minutes sharing, as usual.
All the donations for Community Sundays, until the end of May, are going to support "Ingen människa är illegal" (no one is illegal)  here you find more info about them .

Also a reminder that there is no class for easter holiday the 1st of april.

Also the spring retreat date is getting closer, and we have some spots lefts, spread the word .
To sign up just send us an email and we will provide the registration form.
The schedule will look like that :

Saturday 21st of April
 11:00-12:45 introduction +  yoga practice
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Working mindful period / free mindful time
15:00 2hrs yoga/movement workshop
17:30 walking meditation outdoor / forest invitation
18:30 DINNER
19:30 Working mindful period / free mindful time
20:00 meditation
20:30 check in/circle/sharing
21.30 goodnight
noble silence starts

Sunday 22nd of April
 6.25 waking bell
7:00 meditation
7:30 yoga practice
end of silence period
10:00 working mindful period /mindful packing/mindful cleaning/leaving the room
11.00-12.00 walking meditation outdoor
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 meditation
14:30-15:30 sharing/closing

Enjoy the transition into light.