Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Coming Together

Have you noticed how much light we are "loosing" every day?
This is the best time to extra nourish yourself, so let´s come together to practice!
In October we are working with Stability.
In November we will be in fact dealing with Opening, trying to receiving the new season that is coming, the new rhythm and so on. Helping the body to stay open.
Letting your light shine through!

There will be NO BREAK for Halloween, so the schedule will look like that:
October 25th, Ida
November 1st, Ida
                  8th, Ida
                 15th, Giulia
                 22nd, Giulia
                 29th, Ida & Giulia  LAST class of 2015!

Welcome everybody,
with warmth,
Ida & Giulia

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