Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Upcoming Community Sunday + Spring Retreat schedule

Hi everyone,
on the 25th of March we will have our Community Sunday,
where we will practice until 19.30. 30 minutes yoga/movements, 30 minutes meditation, 30 minutes sharing, as usual.
All the donations for Community Sundays, until the end of May, are going to support "Ingen människa är illegal" (no one is illegal)  here you find more info about them https://www.ingenillegal.org/imai-stockholm .

Also a reminder that there is no class for easter holiday the 1st of april.

Also the spring retreat date is getting closer, and we have some spots lefts, spread the word .
To sign up just send us an email and we will provide the registration form.
The schedule will look like that :

Saturday 21st of April
 11:00-12:45 introduction +  yoga practice
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Working mindful period / free mindful time
15:00 2hrs yoga/movement workshop
17:30 walking meditation outdoor / forest invitation
18:30 DINNER
19:30 Working mindful period / free mindful time
20:00 meditation
20:30 check in/circle/sharing
21.30 goodnight
noble silence starts

Sunday 22nd of April
 6.25 waking bell
7:00 meditation
7:30 yoga practice
end of silence period
10:00 working mindful period /mindful packing/mindful cleaning/leaving the room
11.00-12.00 walking meditation outdoor
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 meditation
14:30-15:30 sharing/closing

Enjoy the transition into light.



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